About Pacific Knowledge Systems (PKS)

PKS owns RippleDown – a patented clinical expert intelligence system that empowers healthcare organisations to better capture, manage and leverage their human expertise, to improve the performance of their business and patient outcomes. We partner with health organisations to interrogate, interpret and enhance disparate data to create intelligent, actionable information that:

  • Improves patient outcomes
  • Reduces medical errors
  • Delivers greater operational efficiencies
  • Improves productivity, and
  • Delivers significant cost savings

The power of RippleDown

PKS’ patented RippleDown technology was developed with an original vision to improve the quality of health care through superior Rules Engine technology. We conducted a world first trial that demonstrated that clinical pathologists, with no programming skills, could build and maintain our RippleDown systems to automate clinical pathology reports. This significant technological breakthrough launched the PKS core healthcare solution, which is now deployed in over 100 sites around the world.

RippleDown enables any clinical domain expert – typically a pathologist or clinician – to automate their unique, human decision making process at scale in order to provide real-time clinical analysis, interpretations and treatment recommendations. By aggregating and analysing all available patient information – including current and historical results – RippleDown is able to provide a holistic view of patients to generate the most comprehensive and patient-specific interpretations and recommendations. Unlike other software, RippleDown is able to be managed by domain experts, not IT, enabling rules to be built quickly and easily to ensure the system remains updated and relevant. We could facilitate customized reports which would give patients greater control over how their results are presented to them.

For more information about PKS and RippleDown, visit www.pks.healthcare

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