The Administrator is a RippleDown client component that allows an IT staff member to manage the set of Knowledge Bases and users at your site.

The Administrator is used to do the following tasks:

  • To add a new project (i.e. Knowledge Base) to the system, or change its settings
  • To create new user accounts and permissions
  • To create a “site” which automatically associates a time-zone with each case
  • To manageĀ language translations for a project
  • To manage system attributes
  • To view the list of RippleDown users who are currently logged on
  • To send a support email to PKS
  • To generate a report of all library codes used by the system (Ultra systems only)
  • To view important settings used by the server

The main screen of the Administrator shows the list of projects that are currently online. For each project the following information is given:

  • The project name
  • TheĀ code (or codes) that the Online Information System uses to associate each case with that project (sometimes called the “panel code” or “knowledge base code”)
  • The validation mode (either External, Validator or Auditor)
  • The number of cases interpreted by that project
  • The prefix to be used for new library codes generated by that project (Ultra systems only)