The Validator is a RippleDown client component used for reviewing cases and their interpretive reports before they are released back to the Online Information System.  Before approving a report, a Validator user is able to edit and correct a report if required.

For a given RippleDown installation, some projects can be set up to use the Validator, whereas other projects may use the validation facilities provided by the Online Information System if required.

The main screen of the Validator shows the list of queues. There is at least one queue for each project. In addition, there may be special-purpose queues that have been setup for the project, for example, to group particular types of cases. There may also be queues corresponding to users who have had cases referred to them by other  Validator users. These special-purpose queues will only appear if there are cases waiting on them to be reviewed. As well as these queues, which are for reviewing cases  prior to their release to the Online Information System, there may be Copy queues for the independent offline review of some or all cases.

Each queue shows the following information:

  • The project name.
  • The name of the queue within the project, e.g. the user name for a referred queue.
  • The site name. This is only applicable for a project that used across multiple laboratories. Cases originating from a particular laboratory may have their own queue, enabling users at that site to validate their own cases.
  • The number of cases waiting on the queue.
  • Any users that are currently reviewing the cases on the queue. Note, several users may review the same queue simultaneously. The RippleDown server will ensure that a particular case will only be reviewed by one user.
  • The number of cases that have been interpreted which have a new report. A case with a new report never be autovalidated until the new report is authorised using the Knowledge Builder. See Allowing a new report to be autovalidated for more information.

To begin reviewing the cases in a queue, select that queue and then press the ‘Review’ button. This will activate a new screen, the Validator Case Viewer, in which individual cases on that queue are presented for your review.

If the report has been translated. The translated report will be validated in the language of translation unless the validation takes place on a copy queue for ‘Post-validation’ .